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Thanksgiving: 1 Table 3 Ways

Thanksgiving is on the way and its time to start thinking about setting your table. With a holiday that is centered around food, your dining table will be the main attraction. What better way to display your culinary talents than with a tablescape fit for your bird?

When you are hosting Thanksgiving it can be a time consuming job that tests your ability to multi task and coordinate. Making sure all your dishes are done simultaneously so that dinner can be served to your extended family in a timely manner is nothing short of miraculous. Take some of the pressure off yourself and preset the table. No more rushing around trying to find the right napkins and good silverware while also basting the turkey. Setting the table before your guests arrive will make for a less hectic day and add some fun fall décor to your home.

Each time you host the pressure heightens to create a new and unique feel for your party. Otherwise, with the traditional meal of turkey, gravy, potatoes, cranberries and pumpkin pie, how will your Thanksgiving stand out? The table setting is where you can differentiate this Thanksgiving from last year's. No need to rush out and buy all new decorations, I’m sure that over the years you have collected a few things that are awesome. So gather up the tupperware container filled with the décor from years past and dust off your china cabinet, because maybe all you need is a fresh perspective and some creative uses for your decorations to breath new life into your tablescape. To help inspire you I have styled this table three ways. You will see that by reusing some decorations and mixing up my style the same room can have three very different looks.

My First look is the most traditional. Here I opted for a embroidered orange table runner, then I layered in some faux fall berries and a wine bucket filled with seasonal gourds and pumpkins that I let spill over onto the runner. Each place setting sits on a galvanized charger. I find that using fine china, while gorgeous is not conducive to large boisterous family gatherings. Your elegant wedding china can not go in the dishwasher and the last thing you want to do after a long day of cooking is hand wash all those dishes. So save your special china for more intimate moments and use something more durable like this Mikasa place setting. As an added bonus I find that with a slightly more casual dish you can mix and match. I like to add in seasonal plates for a sense of whimsy, like these pumpkin salad plates from Pottery Barn. I pulled the napkin pallet from the table runner for an added pop of color.

For my second look, I took a more minimalist approach. I kept the same place settings, and runner, but removed all the gourds running down the table. Instead, I opted for simple and rustic lanterns filled with sand and candles that coordinated with the napkins. The candles provide a lovely ambiance during dinner and allow plenty of room for the turkey and all the fixings to be within reach. Lastly I added a plaid pillow to the head of the table and some faux leaves in the corner to mimic the great view from outside.

The third look is the most rustic. I like that this feels like a Thanksgiving picnic. I swapped out the table runner in favor of a plaid blanket. Having a more casual place setting allowed me to play with it and really have fun. I used rattan chargers with large faux leaves in shades of red, orange and yellow for a pop of color under the plates. Next, I used napkins in a shade of red pulled from the blanket and traded in the pumpkin plates for the matching Mikasa bowls and topped each place setting off with an individual gourd. The centerpiece is a simple arrangement of faux pumpkins and gourds, a tray of nuts and berries sits on the bench behind the table.

Each look was created from items that were already owned and used in past holiday gatherings (fresh gourds and pumpkins should be purchased yearly). You too can create new looks from decorations you already own. Just take the time in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving to go through your belongings and figure out a place setting that will work for you and your family. No need to break the bank, use what you’ve got and choose a setting that speaks to you, whether it’s traditional, minimal, or rustic. Now your table is set, you are ready for guests and one more thing is off your to-do list for the big day!

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