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Mia Hable

I am an Ohio transplant who came to the Chicago area for college. I attended Lake Forest College, a small liberal arts school on the north shore. It was here that my love of art and architecture took root and I received my Bachelor of Arts, focusing on Art History and Classics. My love of ancient architecture spurred my semester abroad in Greece. Immediately I fell in love with the country and the people, which eventually lead me to my post -graduate work in England. I attended the University of Nottingham and received my master’s degree in Visual Culture of Classical Antiquity. This is a very long way of saying that I studied art and architecture in a public setting. I love how the architects of the ancient world knew the importance of stating the function and purpose of each building through its building materials and adornments. My studies of form and function have lead me to my love of staging, the modern avenue to provide a purpose for each room in a house. How a homeowner adorns a room allows the buyer to imagine their life in this same space. It is my goal to provide buyers with a feeling of home and belonging each time I stage.

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