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Pickles for Christmas

If you have been out Christmas shopping in the last few weeks, you may have come by a decoration that made you stop and scratch you head. A pickle? It may seem odd and not quite in theme with the traditional holiday decor such as Santa, snowflakes and trees; but this ornament is an old german tradition that is making a comeback.

The pickle is traditionally the very last ornament to be hung on the tree, often on Christmas morning. In my family it is kept in plain sight until Christmas Eve. While my sister and I were banished from the room, my father would then hide the ornament within the tree (sometimes being sneaky and hiding it in or behind other ornaments). Once the ornament was tucked into the tree we were called back in and an all out race commenced to see who would find the pickle first. The finder of the pickle is supposed to have good luck in the coming year and often receives a special present. This has become known as the pickle present.

The pickle present in our house has become more about bragging rights than the actual gift with each passing year (the person who wins usually claims that they won the year prior as well). Growing up with girls, my parents had a fairly easy time picking out something they thought we both might like, and more often than not we wound up sharing the present anyway. For those who have both girls and boys, it can be trickier to find something that will be enjoyed no matter who wins. The present doesn't have to be big; a gift certificate to chipotle or iTunes will be just as well loved by everyone as a book or game. In recent years (because this is not just a game for children) some fun presents might include Christmas themed decorations or a nice bottle of wine. No matter what special gift is given, the pickle is a tradition that is fun for all.

If you are looking for your own pickle to include in this years festivities, adding to your family's Christmas traditions, I have included a gift guide on where you can find a pickle to suit your style!

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