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It's 5 o'clock Anywhere in Your Home

The simple and sophisticated glamour of bar carts became popular in the 50s. Cocktail hour was a daily occurrence and it was common to invite friends and coworkers over for a drink before dinner. Being an excellent host was an art form; where homeowners anticipated their guests needs and provided them with their drink of choice.

Recently the bar cart has made a resurgence in popularity. While we may no longer have daily cocktail hour in which many pre dinner drinks are downed (our poor livers know better now), these carts are still an awesome way to show your guests a good time. Bar carts are supplemental entertaining areas, that you can roll anywhere in your home to keep the party going. I especially love moving the bar cart outside so that those party guests outdoors do not have to wander indoors to refresh their drinks.

Having a bar cart is not a replacement for your liquor cabinet. Only keep a few bottles of alcohol that you use regularly on the cart. When you only set the cart with a few glasses and your guests' favorite liquor, you are offering an intimate gathering that makes your guests feel important. For a large gathering, create a bar cart solely for a signature drink. That way the bar cart is uncluttered and easy to use while leaving room throughout your home for other drink stations.

Styling your bar cart is simple, there is no right or wrong way to do it. Personalize your bar cart with the things you most enjoy and you will love this piece of functional furniture! I have comprised a list of a few items that will help you up your bar cart game and enhance your party.

  1. Include a piece of art.

  2. Something living (flowers or fruit)

  3. Bar utensils

  4. 2-4 nice glasses

  5. Pretty bottles

  6. Something unique

  7. Book of cocktails

I styled the bar cart pictured above for a couple that likes entertaining. They have a balcony immediately off their dining room that has a tremendous view of the Chicago River. The bar cart is personalized to their tastes and can be rolled out to the balcony for outdoor entertaining or stowed away near the dining room for easy access. The top tray of the bar cart is set up for making their favorite drinks, gin-gin mules and whiskey. I only included two glasses for each drink and used their nicest bottles of alcohol for a clutter free and classy look (for an extra posh style ditch the bottles and use a decanter). Layering in a framed picture of Wrigley Field on the bar cart reminds them and visitors what they love about living in Chicago. A vase of white roses elevated by a mini cake stand is both quirky and sophisticated. I finished off the top tray with a book of cocktail recipes, for some of those trickier drinks that are not regularly made. The bottom tray of the bar cart was reserved specifically for wine. A small wine rack placed on the bottom filled with a few bottles of wine and three delicate hanging glasses makes opening a new bottle very convenient. Including a small bowl filled with the corks is a great way to provide guests with a place to put the cork and adds texture and a natural element to the bottom of the cart. The open bottle of wine invites guests to stay for a glass and catch up.

Having a ready and stocked bar cart allows you to be prepared for any situation. Whether you are welcoming a new neighbor, catching up with a friend or just unwinding together after a long day, the bar cart is a great way to provide you with the essentials for easy entertaining. If you prefer a non- alcoholic option try using the cart as a coffee station or deck it out for a kids birthday party with different candies and treats. This versatile cart can be used for many different occasions, and is quickly becoming an essential aspect of entertaining.

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